Welcome to Zing Marketing Services ltd.

Who We Are

We are Zing Marketing Services – a team of digital printing and search marketing experts that sell customisable labels and stickers through our ecommerce shop. Zing Marketing services produces and markets and offers exciting print products for home use. Our products range from labels for kids to wall art stickers for wall décor. Our products can be used on a variety of surfaces like kids school items, ceramic tiles, glass or plastic jars, lampshades, walls, gift boxes and cabinets. Any flat and smooth surface qualifies to be used for putting up these innovative products.
We promise that our design can liven up any space or item and the possibilities are endless. There are a multitude of ideas played around with and we seek to tap into the growing relevance of modern printing techniques as important useful labelling and interior decoration accessory.

What We Do

Zing Marketing Services mission is to provide the best possible experience with our customisable labels and vinyl stickers and deliver exceptional value to our customers.
Our unique skill set and expertise has helped us to create durable and colourful labels & stickers and market our brand in a cost effective way which gives maximum benefit to our customers.

We want to make it a fun experience for the customer to where they can design their own labels and sticker. We want the customer to go away feeling satisfied that they had the creative input along with a value for their money. We want to provide an excellent experience to our customer at every stage of their purchase.
For the products, we are always striving to make our stickers as durable and useful as possible. We spend a lot of time choosing the best possible material, designs and inks for making our stickers the best in the market. We can honestly say that we do not know of any better sticker and label provider in the world.We regard customer service as a highly important task. We realise that we are only because of our customers and hence we try to treat our customers as we like to be treated – with a quick and useful response.